Epcot Italy Pavilion

Epcot’s Italy Pavilion

Located between the Germany and the American Adventure Pavilions in Epcot’s World Showcase, you’ll find the Italy Pavilion.  As you enter the pavilion’s piazza, you are surrounded by a collection of buildings that represent Venetian and Roman architecture.  The pavilion is modeled after St. Mark’s Square in Venice complete with a replica of Venice’s 83 foot tall tower, the Campanile di San Marco or the Bell Tower of St. Mark, complete with angel atop- adorned in real gold leaf!

The romance of Venice is demonstrated in the Venetian bridges and the gondolas that are moored to a festive striped barber shop-style poles alongside the World Showcase lagoon.

Guests will find an awe inspiring replica of the 14th century Doge’s Palace which is authentic right down to the marble-like façade similar to that used in the original. In the central plaza area of the pavilion, the Plaza del Teatro, you’ll find the “Fontana de Nettuno,” a fountain inspired by Bernini’s Neptune fountain.

Gardening buffs will be delighted by the landscaping of the Italy Pavilion.  This authentic Epcot pavilion has olive and kumquat trees, as well as Mediterranean citrus, cypress, and pine trees. 

While there are no films or rides in this Pavilion, there are many other ways to celebrate the culture of this beautiful country!

Dining in Italy

  • Tutto Italia Ristorante – Dine on authentic and traditional Italian cuisine amongst old world ambiance in the elegant dining room or dine al fresco in the open-air piazza.
  • Tutto Gusto – Enjoy the flavors of Italy at this wine bar
  • Via Napoli Pizzeria e Ristorante – authentic Neapolitan pizzeria features wood-burning ovens
  • Gelati – Indulge in many flavors of Gelato at the Carto Siciliano located in the center of the piazza. 

Shopping in Italy

  • Enoteca Castello – Alla Salute!  Wine shop offering a small tasting area.
  • Il Bel Cristalo “The Beautiful Crystal” –  Italian wares, including Murano glass and selection of fashionable handbags, clothing and accessories.
  • La Bottega Italiana “The Italian Shop” – Many Italian goods like Florentine masks, cookware and gourmet goods like Italian pastries and olive oils.
  • La Gemma Elegante “The Elegant Gems” – Discover the scents of Italy with luxury perfumes, as well as handbags and fine jewelry.
Epcot Italy Pavilion

Attractions and Entertainment in Italy

  • Kidcot Fun Stops – The Kidcot Fun Stops are located throughout World Showcase and offer kids the opportunity to create their own artwork and learn about different cultures. This Kidcot location is near Mexico Folk Art Gallery and features crafts inspired by traditional Mexican folk art in Mexico.
  • DuckTales World Showcase Adventure – Woo-oo! Explore the countries of World Showcase with an interactive scavenger hunt game with Scrooge McDuck. You’ll use the Play Disney Parks mobile app to find clues and trigger real-world special effects in the pavilions throughout the land. You might solve a mystery — or re-write history!

Italy Pavilion Tips:

  • Get in to the culture!  To say “hello” in Italian, say “buon giorno” (boo-on JOR-no)
  • Via Napoli trucks in special water from the northeast that they feel best matches the mineral content of Naples, Italy so they can make the perfect pizza crust.
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