Top 5 Walt Disney World Playgrounds

While I know it may seem counter-intuitive to be spending all this money, and in most cases traveling great distance, to spend time at the free playgrounds; I have found most of our own families’ best memories have been made when we’ve taken the time to slow down and allow our kids to lead the way. Spending a few hours, letting them burn off some energy and play to their heart’s content will surely help when it comes to the more structured aspects of your Disney vacation. Best of all visiting other Disney resorts referred to as “resort hopping” is free! Make sure to schedule some downtime during your Disney stay where you let your little ones visit some of these top 5 Disney World resort playgrounds.

1. The Righteous Reef playground at Art of Animation Resort will have children feeling as if they’re playing in a coral reef straight out of Finding Nemo. There are plenty of tunnels and hidden spaces for your little ones to explore as well as brightly colored slides and places to climb. 

TIP: This playground does get a lot of sun during the day. Make sure you remember to fill your Disney refillable resort mugs before heading over to play!

2. The theming at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Hakuna Matata Playground is so ornate that children will feel as if they are playing in the savannah. There are a multitude of different slides and different interactive play activities. It also boasts of amply shaded park benches for adults to relax and watch their little ones’ play.

3. The Dig Site at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort and Spa is a Mayan themed playground that has the feel of an archaeological dig site. There are two separate play areas, many opportunities for climbing and a large sandbox.  

TIP: Make sure to remember to bring baby powder to help easily get the sand off your little ones after some fun in the sand!

4. Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside’s playground at Ol’ Man Island boasts different slides and bridges to run across. Toddlers will have an easy time climbing up a set of larger stairs making it easy for children of all ages to enjoy this playground. 

TIP: Have your cameras ready to capture some pictures of your children as they try to balance on the large wheel! 

5. I would be remiss if I didn’t include any of the Disney’s All Star Resorts and Disney’s Pop Century Resort. While they all have more traditional style playgrounds, what they lack in playground theming they make up for in larger than life props. Take a stop by one of these resorts and after letting your little ones play at the playground let them explore the resort. 

TIP: Make sure to check out the Twister Board, one of our families’ favorites for our active preschoolers!

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