Quarantine 35 or Groundhog Day??

Does anyone else feel like they are on the set of Groundhog Day?? This girl right here does!

Just like everyone else (well most) in America we are all cooped up and trying to Flatten the Curve of COVID19! Being someone with a compromised immune system my husbands’ mission is to keep me safe, so I literally do NOT leave the house. This pandemic is scary no doubt, but I try to keep my family positive and off the news as much as possible. I as a travel agent have decided to use this time to grow my knowledge for my clients and spend some much-needed family time. To me this is a reminder that life isn’t always promised and its way to short to put things off.

So Here is a little insight on how our family is keeping a routine and busy during Quarantine 2020:

There are 5 people in our home, me, my husband, Our two boys ages 14 and 11 and my mother. My OCD gets the best of me sometimes and I have made my boys follow their school routine for the last 35 days! I kind of kept mine and molded it to current circumstances. Considering I am now in change of “MY Class” and took on the roll as a schoolteacher. Which I need to tell you I MISS THEM!! These men and women totally do not get the credit they deserve, and I only have 2 which are my own children. Ok enough here is how it goes.

6:30am- Boys Shower one after the other

7:30am- Breakfast

8:00am- Log on to computers and take attendance in their classes. At this time, I jump in the shower. (my husband and mom usually fall into line after if they haven’t woken up early enough to go before)

8:45am- I log on to my computer and start my work.

10:00am- Snack and stretch time for all.

10:30am- Back to school/work. We will be at this until about 1:30pm

1:45pm- Lunch!! This is rotated between making something we have here or ordering out to support out local business. During lunch we have some downtime where we can watch TV and I usually do some cleaning or laundry (dreaded time of day lol)

3:00pm- Outside or craft time. We have done lots of paintings, played I think every board game we own, hung out outside playing different outside activities, or just had some real talk conversations. I try to keep my children up to date with some facts without giving them all the fear or the negativity of this whole pandemic. Because not for nothing they are truly affected by this as much as adults or maybe even more. Why you ask? Well because depending on the age of your children they may not understand, or get scared because they cant do things they normally do, or miss their friends, families and teachers, in some cases there are kids that live for school because that’s the only NORMAL they have. This time is usually a 3-hour slot.

5:30/6pm- Cook!! Then we eat and relax watch a movie together or a series and then the kids are off to bed by 9/9:30pm and usually my mom too lol. Then it’s down time for me and hubby until about 12am and then sleep.

Wake up again the next morning and do it again!! This is by far the longest I have ever stayed and my house!! Which to be honest I am a homebody, but while the kids are at school, and I am not working my second job I am usually out and about. This GROUNDHOG adventure will never be forgotten because it has taught me and my family some great life lessons. Don’t take life or anyone for granted because you never know when it will all be taken from you.

Stay Safe Everyone and STAY HOME! Together we can all get through this and create a new Healthier NORMAL.  

Thank you for reading!

Danielle Amey (travel agent) [email protected]

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