Carnival Cruise Line Top 10 Tips

One of the best things about Carnival Cruise Line is just how family friendly they are. Check out our top ten tips for sailing on Carnival Cruise Line!

1. Before leaving on your cruise make sure to notify your credit card company that you will be traveling to the ports on your itinerary. If you don’t there is a good chance they will flag your credit card as stolen.

2. Pack your suitcase properly! Consider packing a few items of each person’s in each suitcase just in case one bag takes longer to get to you. If it does you will have something for everyone in each suitcase. It’s also a good idea to invest in proper luggage tags for your suitcases and bags. Pack valuable items in your carry on and not in your checked luggage. 

You’ll want to bring Ziploc bags. Believe me you’ll find a myriad of uses for them! Small bags can carry snacks and hold your valuables while participating in water activities; large ones can be used for dirty laundry, etc. Don’t forget the hand sanitizer! Cruise ships carry up to 4,000 people. Since you share many public surfaces with people be sure to generously use your hand sanitizer to keep from spreading germs.

3. If you are traveling with older children who will be exploring on their own at times or with a large group, invest in walkie talkies. They will be helpful in communicating freely while on board., 

4. Make sure to book any shore excursions in advance. If you wait to book until you are on board, you might miss out on something you’d love to do because it’s filled.  The biggest advantage of booking excursions with the help of your travel agent through Carnival Cruise Line is that you won’t be left by the ship or have visa hassles at the port.

Carnival Cruise Line

5. The last thing you want to do on your vacation is to queue for anything.  Invest in the Carnival Faster To The Fun (FTTF) package to avoid this. The price ranges from $50 to $80 for short to long cruises and covers everyone in your cabin.  You get priority check-in after VIFP’s with you luggage boarded first, access to your stateroom as soon as you board, and you won’t have to queue for guest services or disembarkation.

6. Don’t feel like lugging your stroller with you? Carnival cruise ships offer stroller rentals for $8 per day. Just make sure you book in advance.

7. If you plan on indulging in alcoholic drinks while on your cruise Carnival has an alcohol drink package you can purchase that is priced starting at $59.95 per person per day. It includes a wide range of alcoholic beverages. Any adult 21 years of age and older can bring their own 750ml bottle of wine onboard. Make sure to pack a corkscrew for your wine as the corkage fee onboard Carnival is $15. If you don’t finish all your wine at dinner, you can give it to the waiters in the dining room and they will label it with your name and store it for you.

8. Indulge yourself by eating all you want! If you liked an entrée you can order more. Have a special dietary restriction? Be sure to let your waiter know as the chef takes special requests.

9. If you want to spend some time without the kids, Camp Carnival accepts all children between ages 2-11 years. There is an amazing array of activities for children to enjoy themselves while you enjoy some adult time. Make sure that you check with your travel agent about which ships offer what child care services. 

Carnival Cruise Line

10. Consider staying onboard during a port day and enjoy discounted deals at the spa, the specialty restaurants and get the best photographs taken or enjoy peaceful moments without the many people around you. If you do decide to visit a port make sure to wear a watch to ensure you don’t miss the ship. Keep your travel documents and cash safe in a money belt during port tours. If possible, get the phone number of the port agent in charge as it could come in handy in case of an emergency. 

And our best tip? Use a Carnival Cruise Line specialist to assist in your dream cruise planning.

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